At Paraboot our shoe creations evolve out of the use of exceptional materials, detailing that is unique in shoemaking, and the highest respect for the foot.

The shoe must adapt to the foot and not the opposite. Our models are the result of our quest for balance and simplicity.

The style

The art of footwear reflects your personality. We all see our shoes as an aesthetic way of expressing your values and lifestyle: elegance, nonconformism, engagement, pleasure.

Time to find your way of living with Paraboot!

It’s all about the shape

Creating a shoe means beginning with a shape that respects the anatomy of the foot. Its this molded form which gives the essential lines to the shoe. Its only after these have been established that our stylists work on the model to give it the searched-for look.

The shoe’s pattern is conceived to be in perfect adequation with the profile of the molded form. The different parts of the upper are developed directly from this shape and are reproduced in a flattened form before being carefully hand stitched.

Enjoying healthy feet

As the primary support for the weight of our bodies, our feet are under permanent tension. Bad shoes or shoes not adapted to your individual morphology can provoke a number of problems.

The quality of your shoes is essential! At first sight Paraboot shoes may appear ‘somewhat rigid’, but a shoe first has to adjust in order to become yours. Reinforcements in all the right places. All our shoes have been studied to respect the morphology of the foot. Our brand is constantly recommended by chiropodists.

Raw materials

The elegance and the durabilty of shoes depend a lot on the quality of the materials used.