We allow you to reserve online - for free - a pair of Paraboot shoes, at the point of sale of your choice, without obligation of purchase. Once your reservation has been made available, you will only have to go to the selected point of sale where you will be able to try the reserved model. If it suits you, you will pay for your pair in store. Otherwise, the store will organize the return.

How to make a reservation?

- Browse our collections and choose your model
- Choose your size
- Add the model to your basket
- Confirm your basket
- Choose your place of fitting
- Fill in your details.
- Enter the code received by SMS to confirm your reservation.
- Your reservation is validated! Stay tuned to your e-mails and SMS, in order to know when to go to the point of sale.
To reserve a second pair, please make a new reservation.

Which size to choose?

Visit our size guide.

I can not reserve the same pair in two different sizes, is this normal?

Yes, we voluntarily limit the reservation of a pair to one single size. We have a size guide at your disposal. If by chance your model does not fit properly, the staff of the point of sale will make you try other sizes and order the size that will fit you perfectly.

How many models can I reserve at a time?

You can only reserve one pair per reservation. You can reserve a second model by making a second reservation.

How many reservations can I make at a time?

You can not have more than two running reservations (a running reservation is a reservation whose pair has not been tried at the point of sale).

How can I cancel my reservation?

Your reservation will be canceled automatically after 5 working days upon the arrival of your pair in store. However, by simply calling the point of sale, the reservation can be canceled more quickly and thus avoid a useless shipment. This also allows other consumers to enjoy it.

How to make the payment?

The payment is made in the point of sale (if your pair fits you after the fitting, of course).

What are the delivery times?

Depending on the location of the point of sale and the availability of models, your reservation will be available between 2 and 72 working hours.

I need my model today, can I get it rapidly?

If availability and the selected point of sale allow it, we can make your reservation available within 2 working hours. When selecting the point of sale, you can only display the points of sale allowing a delivery within 2 working hours.

How to follow my reservation?

You will receive an SMS when confirming your order and when your reservation will be available at the point of sale.

In which countries do you deliver?

We make your reservations available in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Gradually, this service will be extended to other countries.

You do not deliver in my country, what to do next?

We put at your disposal a list of all the points of sale. By contacting one of them, the point of sale staff will be able to order the pair that you have noticed online. We will let you know as soon as the service will be extended to other countries.

How much is the shipping cost?

This is a provision at the point of sale. The shipping costs are free.

How to organize a return?

If your pair does not suit you, mention it to the point-of-sale staff. They will take care of the return of your reservation.

What is the amount of the return fees?

This is provided by ourselves. The return costs are free.

Where can I find a particular model, that I can not find on your site or in your points of sale?

Please, leave your request here, we will try to assist you.

Is online reservation my only option?

No, you can also go to a point of sale. However, the reservation guarantees that your pair will be present at the time of your arrival.

Other questions?

You can contact us here.