To mark International Women’s Day on 8th March, the Paraboot brand is delighted to link a female artist to one of its designs. Entitled “Marianne”, this line now features for the second year running.

For this 2022 collaboration, we have called upon the artist Inès Hadj-Hacène who now unveils our timeless loafer named ORSAY. Combining this expertise has enabled us to create a bold, unique pair with a smooth white painted finish featuring Marianne, the symbol of the French republic.

« What could be better than a beautiful smooth white loafer for representing freedom? The ORSAY design has now become an absolute classic for the French brand. It boasts that unisex look that appeals to everyone. An assertive look to team with looser outfits. We took the risk of using the same proportions for men as for women, and it paid off! We were keen to collaborate with Paraboot and create a white “chrome-free”* lining. I wear these shoes nearly every day, as they go with everything.” Inès Hadj-Hacène. »

Inès Hadj-Hacène.

Inès is a young, eclectic artist who works in the fields of fashion and art. She is a co-designer and copywriter for the TRICE magazine, as well as being a stylist and model. Having lived in London for over two years, she has now gravitated towards the south of France to seek a more carefree, peaceful lifestyle; « Art plays an essential role in my life and career. I like being multi-faceted, with nothing stopping me from limiting myself to one single role. ».

« I’ve always drawn things, even when I was very young. As I grew up, my vision of life led me towards colour, and therefore painting. I needed to convey all the colours I saw or imagined. I like reproducing what I see. I never tire of painting, I always want to create new things. There is a certain satisfaction in creating your own colours, and adding depth. I mostly paint women, as they inspire me. So accepting the challenge of representing the symbolic figure of Marianne came completely naturally to me. An age-old figure, but one which is still very current. My interpretation conveys this desire to show the independent woman I always wanted to be, and who I am today. My characters often appear quite melancholy, sometimes tough. I combine this toughness with bright, pleasant colours. Countering this harshness to make way for tenderness. Just as we should in everyday life. »

*chrome-free: tanning without the use of chrome.

Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #1
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #2
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #3
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #4
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #5
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #6
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #7
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #8
Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot - #9