Paraboot has teamed up with the talented Johanna Olk for a new timeless pair. It is by pronouncing the femininity and sensitivity of our artist’s work that the French brand, known for its quality and authenticity, has decided to reveal this young talent through two audacious models varnished in white. Meeting with Johanna Olk, artist and industrial designer, alongside Eric Forestier, Managing Director of Paraboot.

Johanna Olk started out as an industrial designer and entered the world of art with a sensitivity for objects and materials. Her career and her encounters have enabled ouryoung 27 year old artist to create a universe that is specific to her values and origins. «My work as an artist today is in line with what I do in design: those who are capable of creating emotion and something that lasts over time. I’m rather fascinated by the timelessness and quality of an object, which is why Paraboot is a brand that interests me a lot and that I wear every day. ».

Johanna Olk

It’s indeed in the south Finistère of Brittany that this universe emerged. Between the graying climate, the indescribable heritage and the traditional style, our artist was able to draw his interest in art from his daily life. « It’s a place where the sky is rather grey, the dark roofs are made of slate and the stones of granite. There is a very black and white world, which is also found in fashion. Until less than thirty years ago, the inhabitants still wore traditional clothes. This is the case of my grandmother, with whom I grew up as a child. She didn’t even speak French and she wore the traditional dress made of white lace. It’s an outfit worked by hand with a lot of details but at the same time very synthetic because of the flowers and the patterns mixed with very thick black velvet. We find this black and white and this synthesis of patterns as if there was already a graphic work of synthesis. On the other hand, it is also an extremely harsh region with a complicated climate. You had to live in a rather authentic way. Buying a shoe that you keep all your life, it totally corresponds with the mentality and the climate of Southern Finistère of Brittany. ». The idea of combining a traditional heritage with his artistic vision to obtain a raw and authentic product was therefore the primary goal. Durable shoes with a classic style: it was this image of our Made in France brand that inspired Johanna for this collaboration.

An objective that Éric Forestier works within the company to ensure that it is respected. General Manager of Paraboot for almost two years, Éric Forestier promises the perpetuation of this authenticity. « My role is to lead the teams together, to orchestrate the timing of the teams to keep this simple and durable quality of our shoes ». It is with a real marketing and brand management culture that our CEO interferes in the brand’s values to relaunch an issue that remains paramount today: women’s place. According to Éric, «there is this rustic side to keep and this elegance that we must manage to grasp for women». And who better than Johanna Olk to bring this feminine sensibility?

Plan de travail - J.Olk pour Paraboot

Influenced by an education surrounded by women, Johanna transcribes in her works all this sensitivity that she was taught. And she always draws this inspiration from the depths of her Breton origins. mb , « It’s a region where women are extremely strong. With the wars and the work of the fishermen who predominate among the men, generations of women have found themselves alone. This is also what interests me about this region. That ’s how I was brought up so it inspires me a lot in my practice and that ’s how I naturally started drawing only women. For example, in front of my primary school, there is a sublime monument that pays homage to the Bigoudens lost at sea and to the war. Except that this monument represents women. It pays tribute to the women from several generations who were left alone because of the loss of these men. This is what has marked me. It ’s a very pure monument made of granite, it is magnificent.

To follow the artist in this feminine way, the brand has decided to support its strong point with a French symbol: the Marianne. «I think it was a reference for the brand to «made by craftsmen in France» since it is a symbol of our country. I’m personally not attached to the symbol in its Republican dimension but I like its evocative power. ».