We were absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Walk In Paris, which has led to a reworking of the Yosemite model. This unusual design is the result of extensive interaction and discussion between the two brands, explains Gary, who initiated the collaboration.

Paraboot and Walk in Paris formed a natural partnership in 2018. All our lookbooks feature the famous Michael, the shoe of choice amongst our walkers. We have always enjoyed creating contrasting looks, teaming loafers with a tracksuit, or a suit with trainers…

Later, when we began to consider a collaboration, this partnership was the obvious choice. Walk in Paris has always produced collections that are like a journey through time. So it was a dream come true to be able to team up with a leading shoemaker whose history goes back a hundred years to introduce the very first pair of Walk in Paris shoes.

We chose to work on the Yosemite model as it represents freedom, dreams and adventures. It was initially a pair of approach shoes used by climbers before tackling summits. During this approach phase, hikers/adventurers have plenty of time to do some soul-searching, daydream, breathe, take in the view… Their walk is philosophical as they prepare to brave the unknown. This is the aspect of the hike that the walker loves to experience.

Today, this pair is a fusion of endless strolls through the streets of Paris, a few weeks’ break in the mountainous Auvergne region, a frantic Fashion Week and a few days’ trek in the southern Alpine Queyras region. This is exactly what Walk in Paris represents. The personification of a sophisticated human being seeking perfection.

A great way to revive a classic style that blends traditional features with a decidedly contemporary style.

Paraboot for Walk in Paris

Photographie 1 - Walk in Paris x Paraboot
Photographie 2 - Walk in Paris x Paraboot