Paraboot footwear was chosen by Parisians, The French Navy, and the Arctic explorers whom were using Paraboot for their expeditions a long time ago, last year celebrating Paraboot’s 111 years anniversary. Barbour is loved by British loyal family, Gentleman farmers and Musicians celebrating Barbour’s 125 years anniversary in business this year. The two iconic brands combined with International Gallery Beams have created a first time in the world, a new born design collaboration.

For this triple collaboration, Barbour has created a new design of their Jacket “Bedal SL” with flap pockets and chin strap made by Paraboot leather with Paraboot signature logo on the pockets! Paraboot is using Barbour’s waxed canvas for the style Mirabeau (inspired by style Michael) at the collar and gold eyelet so it will match the metal design on the Barbour jacket.