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Inspired by American Indian moccasins, the deck shoe is traditionally constructed using Blake stitching (also known as sewn through). C’est en 1858 que le cordonnier Leeman Reed Blake, jeune employé du fabricant de machines à coudre Singer, inventa cette technique qui apporte plus de souplesse et de légèreté à la chaussure.

With a supple, grooved sole, a low heel and leather treated to withstand saltwater, these hand-stitched shoes were initially designed by the Sperry brand for kitting out sailors. The key element of the shoe was the leather lace which could be gradually tightened as the shoe leather stretched with the water.

Paraboot added this style of shoe to its collection during the Seventies, when the French Navy commissioned the brand to kit out its submariners. The technical sole of these deck shoes means that they rapidly wick away water to avoid slipping.

Now available in several colours, they are comfortable and stylish with a sportswear feel. Check out our collection of deck shoes for men and women.