Rare, meticulous techniques and expertise lie at the very heart of Paraboot’s history. Artisans have been hand-crafting leather shoes at the foot of the Alps on a daily basis since 1908, demonstrating unique expertise.

Whilst preserving and perpetuating these invaluable skills is a key commitment for Paraboot, it also puts the emphasis on creating new, innovative designs.

That’s why, every season for over three years now, Paraboot has been seeking out artisans who share their same love for creating refined products.

This season, we are welcomed by Savonneries Marius Fabre, the famous soap manufacturer based in Salon-de-Provence.

Savonneries Marius Fabre

Created 122 years ago, this company makes genuine Marseilles soap in keeping with age-old methods.

Passed down through the generations, from Marius Fabre himself to his great grand-daughters Julie and Marie, the recipe is replicated day after day in the same cauldrons to produce a unique, authentic product.

It’s easy to draw parallels with the traditional methods we use to manufacture our shoes, the high level of expertise required, and the way we pass down our skills through the generations.

This encounter also presented an opportunity to reinvent our iconic models for one season only.

Check out the Barth, Michael and Mirabelle models, available in natural shades inspired by the south of France. A palette of deerskin leather in classic white, or suede leather in sand, earthenware or terracotta colours.

We were also delighted to pay a visit to Pousse, a plant design studio based in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon.

Whilst Pousse is a new company created in 2013, its expertise in enhancing spaces with plants and foliage goes back several centuries.

The Pousse plant design studio

The art of installing beautiful plants, flowers and shrubs in three dimensions is a unique skill.

This reminds us of the work carried out in our own design studio, carefully selecting the different types of leathers and components for our shoes and combining them with the right colours.

Once again, exploring the work of this urban landscaper inspired Paraboot to reinvent its Adriatic, Barth and Cassis models in white deerskin leather, as well as suede leather in natural shades of oatmeal and rope.

This seasonal encounter puts the brand’s iconic models back in the spotlight whilst showcasing the work of skilled French artisans demonstrating outstanding expertise.

Check out the model from the new collection, online or in store.

Craftsmanship and Paraboot