Whether you’re attending a graduation, wedding or any other kind of celebration, some days are truly special for you and your loved ones. Every detail counts for these memorable occasions, including when it comes to the choice of formal shoes. Paraboot stands out from other well-known brands with its high-quality raw materials, craftsman expertise and comfortable fit.

Paraboot: men’s shoemaker since 1908

The history of the Richard-Pontvert company began in the Isère region of France at the start of the 20th century. Ever since its inception, this family business has been designing, manufacturing and distributing a selection of shoes, mostly for everyday situations.

Through its Paraboot brand, the company quickly gained popularity amongst its customers. It then developed a range of smarter ankle boots, Derby shoes and loafers for any occasion, including formal events.

The importance of choosing the right formal shoes

The shoes a man chooses to wear have reflected his social status, class and taste for centuries. From the royal era to cultural customs, each pair of shoes has helped to write a chapter in the history of fashion.

Styles may have evolved over time, but shoes continue to play an essential role in putting together a stylish men’s outfit.

From heels to pointed toes, with minimalist designs or sophisticated ornamental features… Today’s trend is for premium materials and simple lines with no compromise on comfort and durability.

For men seeking style, comfort and durability

The choice of leather is crucial when making a smart pair of formal shoes. Here at Paraboot, our designers work with outstanding partners in France and Europe to guarantee the leather is local and of excellent quality. With this in mind, most of the brand’s Derby shoes are made from Suportlo full grain leather from Tanneries Haas, a leather which has not undergone any surface correction but still remains waterproof.

Today’s shoemakers strive to produce shoes which are sturdy and durable. In the Paraboot manufacturing workshops, no fewer than 150 operations are needed to make a shoe. The use of techniques such as Goodyear or Norwegian stitching extends the lifespan of the shoe, as it can be resoled.

This is why choosing the right men’s shoes for formal occasions is more than just a question of aesthetics. You need to consider essential criteria such as comfort, style and suitability for the occasion in question. 

A choice of styles for a formal occasion

Formal shoes are the key element in any outfit for a special occasion. Traditionally, dress shoes have a low top with buckles or laces. 

Finishes such as genuine Goodyear stitching and a sole made from leather or fine rubber add to the refined look. In terms of men’s Derby shoes, the brand offers models such as the Poe, Rousseau, Schubert and Tournier. For narrower feet, Paraboot recommends the Montaigne Oxford shoe.

Loafers with a strip across the upper have also become increasingly popular for men. These college models are based on an original American shoe known as the penny loafer.

The college loafer owes its name to the penny which was often slid inside the slot of the strip to give the shoe a more stylish look. Here at Paraboot, the smartest loafers are the Adonis and the Columbia.

A man’s choice of formal shoes is very personal, but should be based on his style of outfit. Brown leather looks best with navy blue outfits, whilst black leather goes with everything. If you have previously worn your shoes, we recommend cleaning them before putting them on again.

Caring for your shoes is crucial

The quality of the materials used by Paraboot is a hallmark of their durability and prestige. Premium quality leather, hardwearing rubber soles: each component is carefully selected to ensure your shoes last as long as possible.

However, we do recommend caring for your smooth, grained or patina leather by following these simple steps below:

1. Remove dust from the leather using a polishing brush.

2. Apply an even coating of cleaning cream to the shoe, using a soft cloth. Leave for a few minutes.

3. Place a little shoe polish on a clean cloth and apply to the leather using a circular motion. If the shoe has Norwegian or Goodyear welt stitching, apply colourless shoe polish using a small applicator brush to make it more waterproof.

4. Brush the leather using a soft polishing brush.

5. Buff with the mitt provided.

Place shoe trees in your shoes to absorb moisture after wearing them all day. This will prevent the leather from creasing as it dries.

Men’s formal shoes are not just accessories. They are your dance partners for some of life’s most memorable moments.

So whether you are traditional or adventurous when it comes to style, the importance of finding the perfect pair lies in how confident they make you feel whilst wearing them. Check out our special collection of formal shoes.