Originating in the Alps in 1908, Paraboot designs and crafts men’s winter shoes to suit the coldest climates.

Paraboot’s DNA: comfortable and sturdy shoes

Bolstered by its history, the brand’s unique style and character ensure it stands out from the crowd. Simple yet stylish shapes, premium leathers, visible stitching and notched rubber soles. 

As you would expect, it also offers more refined dress shoes with a sleeker finish. But the brand’s family history, rooted in the Alps, brings a certain kind of DNA to the Paraboot collections.

 Thick, lined leather

For generations, the brand has been selecting the very best tanneries in France and Europe to work with exceptional full grain leathers. The authentic appearance and hardwearing nature of full grain leathers are what set them apart.

They comprise the upper surface of the hide, directly exposed to the elements. As a result, the leather is naturally breathable and strong.

Unlike other leathers, full grain leather is tanned without removing or altering the surface of the hide. This means that the features of each hide are preserved, bringing unique character to each pair of shoes.

The leathers retain their natural ability to repel moisture, creating a waterproof men’s winter shoe that withstands the coldest winter days. For added comfort, the models in the winter collections are made from lined leather.

Paraboot shoes are therefore a natural choice for keeping your feet warm in winter.

Rubber soles

Once winter arrives, it is really important that the soles on our shoes are waterproof whilst providing good grip and protection from the cold.

Paraboot has been working with rubber since 1920, pressing hundreds of soles in the brand’s workshops at Saint Jean de Moirans.

There are many advantages of rubber soles. This natural material is very strong, meaning it fits with Paraboot’s philosophy of creating sturdy shoes that are made to last.

Another advantage of rubber outsoles is that they are flexible and lightweight, ensuring unrivalled comfort for walking. Working with this natural material provides a whole host of different options. Soles can be made with notches as deep or shallow as required, ensuring better grip for winter shoes.

Over the years, Paraboot has invented several different rubber soles to suit each style and model of shoe. The thickness of the soles varies depending on the style. 

For example, Paraboot offers slimmer, smarter soles for a refined, urban style, as well as thicker, notched soles for a more casual look.

Demonstrating stitching expertise over 100 years

The technique used for manufacturing shoes is really important to ensure they can withstand the cold and damp. Ensuring moisture cannot seep into the shoe is essential to ensure the feet are comfortable.

Paraboot’s expertise in stitching techniques gives it a unique advantage. Using Goodyear and Norwegian stitching on many of its men’s autumn/winter shoes means they are fully waterproof. 

A classic and varied selection of winter shoes

From Derby shoes to loafers, Chelsea boots and lace-up ankle boots, the brand is no stranger to men’s winter shoes. Always available in a wide range of leathers and colourways, the collections sometimes offer insets made from natural materials such as wool or animal hair. 

Smart ankle boots for winter 

Whether you prefer them with or without laces, Paraboot offers various different styles of ankle boots for a classic look.

Paraboot Chelsea boots

Originating in the United Kingdom in the 19th century, Chelsea boots feature a distinctive double elastic fastening. 

Initially known as walking boots as they are so comfortable and easy to put on, they gradually made their way out of the countryside to become an urban classic. The simple, casual style of these Chelsea boots means they quickly became a Paraboot staple.

It launched its first high-top winter shoes with the Elevage and Manège models.

Chelsea boots went on to invade the urban rock scene, becoming the must-have shoe during the 1960s. These popular ankle boots featured a smarter shape, made from smooth or glossy leather. The perfect men’s high-top shoe for winter.

With this in mind, Paraboot introduced its Chamfort model in an urban style with a smarter feel.

The classic lace-up ankle boot

Ankle boots are also available in a lace-up design for a different style. Whether you prefer eyelets, hooks, leather or cotton laces, Paraboot lace-up ankle boots come in a whole host of different styles for winter, each one inspired by our customers’ needs.

If you’re looking for a sleek, urban style, go for the Beaumont and Lully models.

And the classic Avoriaz, Bergerac, Imbattable and Yosemite models create a more casual, sporty style. 

Sporty ankle boots inspired by mountaineering 

The brand used mountaineering as its inspiration when creating some of its models.

The Avoriaz model: a winter classic

The first Paraboot shoes were designed and manufactured by the trailblazing entrepreneur Rémy-Alexis Richard, who then went on to create the Galibier brand in 1922; a range of shoes aimed at mountaineers and explorers. He developed the brand’s first mountaineering shoes.

The biggest names in mountaineering benefited from his French expertise, such as Maurice Herzog, Lionel Terray and René Desmaison, as well as the explorers Paul-Emile Victore and Haroun Tazieff. Men’s rugged winter hiking boots with notched soles to withstand challenging weather conditions and rough terrain.

The Paraboot brand has drawn on this heritage, retaining the same philosophy and expertise to create a version inspired by the Galibier mountain boots: the Avoriaz model. This lace-up ankle boot inspired by mountain sports is the ultimate in men’s winter footwear.

Originally launched for men before becoming available for women a few years later, the Avoriaz is an iconic model from the Paraboot brand.

Yosemite and Montana: winter shoes for a casual look

Paraboot’s mountain heritage also shines through its other winter collections. In particular, the Montana and Yosemite models were inspired by climbing. 

Similar to the approach shoes often worn by climbers, these round-toe shoes reinforced by a wraparound rubber strip create a new version of a casual mountain look. 

Whether you prefer a high-top (Yosemite) or low-top (Montana) version, these models are perfect for cold winter days.

The Paraboot Derby shoe: the ultimate men’s winter shoe

Here at Paraboot, the Derby shoe is one of our flagship designs. It effortlessly conveys the brand’s key values. A shoe that is simple yet stylish, comfortable yet sturdy. 

Derby shoes: a winter alternative

As soon as the leaves begin to turn in Autumn, it’s time to bring out your leather shoes. They often need to be checked over, cleaned and treated to a quick polish to help them regain their shine. 

Despite being unbeatably comfortable, we all know that trainers are no good once the temperature begins to fall. That’s why Derby shoes are a great alternative. They are the ultimate men’s autumn/winter shoes; really versatile and available in a whole host of shapes and colours. 

Over the years, Paraboot has made Derby shoes part of its core range, developing a variety of different models. Whether you are a city-slicker or fan of the mountains, there’s a style for everyone.

Among others, check out the Michael, Chambord and Avignon models in our Paraboot stores or online. 

Michael: Paraboot’s iconic winter Derby shoe

If you could only choose one shoe, it would have to be the Michael. The Michael Derby shoe is an iconic model. It embodies Paraboot’s history, as well as its highly-prized timeless elegance.

A simple shoe, made to last.

It comprises two eyelets and shorter (yet strong) laces, thick leather with a piped seam for protection, strong Norwegian stitching, and a thick and comfortable insole. The sole is made from rubber.

The Michael Derby shoe features Norwegian stitching to ensure the shoe is comfortable and hardwearing whilst providing protection from wet weather. Paraboot is the world leader in this assembly technique. 

This iconic shoe is still the benchmark in the world of fashion and footwear to this day, demonstrating Paraboot’s constant innovation and exceptional expertise.

The loafer: making an unexpected entrance into men’s winter wear

Whilst usually worn on sunny days, smart loafers can be worn in winter as well as summer.

The Reims loafer: for winter as well as summer

These distinctive Reims loafers bear all the hallmarks of Paraboot winter shoes; a rubber sole, Norwegian stitching and lined leather. Whether you choose to wear them at the beginning or end of the winter season, they are sure to create a modern, on-trend look. In terms of fashion, these loafers can be worn with wool or patterned socks.

In a classic shape with a design boasting particular attention to detail (immaculate topstitching and finishing), the Reims loafer is a winter must-have.

Easy to put on and really versatile, loafers make a great addition to any man’s winter wardrobe. Whether it’s for a day at the office or a smart night out, loafers are perfect for pulling together a smart casual outfit. 

Looking after your leather winter shoes

Looking after your leather shoes in winter is really important to retain their durability and appearance. Winter conditions may damage the leather on your shoes, making it susceptible to cracking and discolouration. Damp weather and salt used for clearing snow are particular culprits. 

Here is our advice for looking after your leather winter shoes: 

Cleaning, polishing and protecting your leather winter shoes

Regularly cleaning the leather with appropriate products will keep it hydrated, protecting it from harsh weather conditions. 

Clean your shoes regularly 

Cleaning your shoes regularly is important, especially in winter, as this restores the breathability of the leather and helps retain its natural water-repellent properties. 

If your shoes have been exposed to heavy rain or high levels of moisture, leave them to air-dry in a dry place. 

To thoroughly clean your shoes, you can gently brush the leather using a scraper brush, then wipe with a slightly damp sponge. 

Allow the leather to dry naturally. To remove any previous layers of shoe polish, use either a leather cleansing cream or renovating cream

Apply this product to all parts of the leather on the shoe, including the upper, welt and edge of the leather sole, rubbing gently and evenly.

Cleaning and polishing smooth or grained leathers

To maintain the shine on your smooth or grained leather winter shoes, it is important to apply suitable shoe polish.  

Choose shoe polish or shoe cream in a colour that matches your shoes, ensuring you choose a high-quality cleaning product that will restore their original shine.

Having applied the shoe polish, use a shoe cleaning brush to meticulously polish your shoes. This will give the leather a brilliant shine and an impeccable appearance.

Protecting suede from wet weather

Use a waterproofing product to protect your suede shoes from winter weather. 

Gently spray it onto your shoes, then leave to dry naturally. 

Choosing the right shoes for the winter season is essential for getting through the coldest months of the year in comfort and style. Having been rooted in the Alps since 1908, Paraboot offers a varied range of men’s footwear to cater for specific winter conditions

With their hallmark being high-quality leathers, rubber soles and stitching expertise, they are a go-to choice. 

From lace-up ankle boots to iconic Derby shoes, each model is designed to be sturdy, comfortable and stylish.