Aware for many years of leaving a footprint on its ecosystem, Paraboot has decided to take part in the #RRR movement led by the eco-organisation Re_fashion, which has been in place for more than ten years under the name Eco TLC, and to contribute to the success of a transition towards a 100% circular economy.

Strong, durable and comfortable… The models that make up Paraboot’s offering are passed down from generation to generation. The iconic Michael – celebrating his 76th birthday – is both on the feet of our seniors but, today, on the feet of the younger generation also.

In Norwegian or Goodyear stitching, Paraboot shoes are handmade using traditional assembly techniques. This know-how allows the shoes to be “repaired”, either in our expert workshop located in Isère or through our network of over 150 Paraboot-approved shoemakers throughout France.

Because the raw materials that make up a shoe are precious, Paraboot is keen to give a second life to the leather scraps from the cutting process. Transformed into small leather goods, these scraps become accessories that perfect a look.

For a long time now, the company’s aim has been to ensure that its « parabootists » purchase a pair of shoes made according to the rules of the art, using quality materials and guaranteeing long-lasting use, thus reducing the quantity of material consumed over time.