Men whose feet are larger than average or need a wider fit often struggle to find shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable. Here at Paraboot, our design office strives to offer a varied collection of plus size shoes for men, some available up to size 50!

Finding shoes that fit: a challenge for some men

Paraboot understands the importance of offering shoes for all types of feet, including those deemed to be “non-standard”. The design of the Paraboot men’s plus size shoe collection pays particular attention to the shape of the foot, ensuring the perfect fit with no compromise in style.

Whether your style is smart or casual, Paraboot’s extensive men’s range means you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

From selecting materials to producing the styles: behind the scenes at Paraboot

Ever since the company was launched in 1908, Richard-Pontvert has always carefully selected the leather used to manufacture its shoes. And its Paraboot brand is keen to continue with this tradition.

We have been passing down our expertise for generations, meaning that our family business nestled at the foot of the French Alps in Saint Jean de Moirans still produces leather shoes using Goodyear or Norwegian stitching techniques.

From vulcanising the rubber soles to cutting, stitching, assembling and finishing, we pour all our skill into the total of 150 steps required to manufacture each shoe.

Our partner tanners Haas et Degermann and Les Tanneries du Puy supply our Paraboot factory with truly exceptional leathers.

What’s more, our 95 artisans continue to craft traditionally stitched shoes within our local workshops in the Isère region, ensuring comfort and style whatever your shoe size or shape.

Spotlight on the Derby shoe: a construction suited to larger feet

Most of our low-top shoes are produced using a Derby pattern. The second generation of the Richard-Pontvert family created this iconic model, inspired by the birth of Michel Richard in 1945. This stitching technique consists of assembling the leather quarters onto the front of the shoe (known as the vamp). This type of construction is ideal for standard to wider feet, as well as for higher insteps.

This is why Paraboot has developed its Derby shoe range to extend into plus size models. Iconic styles such as the Michael, Avignon, Chambord and Arles are also available in these larger sizes.


The second generation of the Richard-Pontvert family created this iconic model, inspired by the birth of Michel Richard in 1945. Renowned all over the world, it has stood the test of time and suits any generation and style.


This split toe model bears the name of a fortified town in the south of France. The interplay of materials and finishes mean that this timeless Derby shoe suits any style, making it a Paraboot classic.


This golf model is reminiscent of the stunning Loire valley chateaux. The Chambord boasts 45° stitching on the apron, a rare technique that is skilfully demonstrated by Paraboot.


Just like the Avignon model, this plain Derby shoe is named after a fortress town in the south of France. Its plain vamp means it is suitable for higher insteps, making it one of the brand’s iconic models.

Experienced in-store sales advisers

The shape of the shoe may vary between models, as the fit varies depending on the style. As a High-end shoemaker, Paraboot offers personalised advice to its clientele.

Within our 30 points of sale in France and Belgium, we train our sales advisers in suggesting the most appropriate models for our customers, in the right size.

And if you are unable to visit one of our Paraboot stores, our customer service department can be contacted by email or phone to help you choose the perfect shoes.

For our online store, there is an insole measurement chart for each of our models. This will help you choose the right shoe to fit your size. 

Customer satisfaction: our main priority

Customer reviews are often the most honest reflection of product quality. Customers looking for men’s plus size shoes have left many positive reviews.

They are delighted with the quality of the materials as well as the exceptional comfort, durability and timeless style of our dress shoes. Some customers highlight the wide range of models, underlining Paraboot’s versatility and the fact that it appeals to a variety of tastes.

Paraboot is one of the best footwear brands for men seeking comfortable yet stylish plus size shoes.

With its varied collection of Derby shoes, meticulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the brand demonstrates why it is recognised as a leading name in the footwear industry.

Men with larger and wider feet can trust Paraboot to cater for their needs without compromising on style or comfort.