Created by the second generation of the Richard-Pontvert family, this iconic model appeared just after the war in 1945. At a time when materials were scarce, this product called for a simple set of specifications: 2 eyelets and a smaller yet strong lace, thick leather with a piped seam for protection, strong stitching, a thick and comfortable insole and a natural rubber sole. The name of this model was also inspired by the birth of Michel Richard – the current Chairman of the company – as it was fashionable to anglicise names at the time. From Michel to Michael: the legend was born.

For both men and women, the model features a Norwegian welt. Paraboot is the world leader in this assembly technique, which consists of stitching the upper to the sole using a welt, with both seams remaining visible. This type of hand-stitching ensures that the shoes are comfortable, sturdy and completely waterproof.

With embroidered flowers, denim fabric, raffia or more recently cowhide, the iconic Michael is constantly updated in new materials and colours. Several prestigious brands have collaborated with Paraboot to produce their very own Michael, such as Hermès, Yodji Yamamoto, Ermenegildo Zegna, Christophe Lemaire and Etudes, as well as many big names such as United Arrows and Beams. Last Autumn, the Michael was updated by the Milanese concept store 10 Corso Como to celebrate its 30th birthday.

As part of the Paraboot collection, the model appears amongst the new men’s and women’s designs in the Summer 2022 collection, made from unlined calfskin suede. These models feature a Norwegian welt on a rubber sole for a more casual, lightweight feel.