Size guide

Size guide

Except a few historic models that are in French sizes, the large majority of our shoes are in English sizes. In order to help you determine your size, use the tool below. In case of doubt, you can alsways measure the length of your foot, by following the instructions below.

Measure your feet

Wear the type of socks similar to the style of shoe and measure your footprint, as explained below.

Phase 1

Stick a sheet of paper on the floor and against a wall. Adopt a natural position by dividing your weight over your two legs, your feet ferm on the sheet of paper, your heels glued against the wall.

Phase 2

With the help of a pencil, mark on the sheet of paper the end of your foot. Hold the pencil as straight as possible. Do the same operation for the other foot and repeat one more time, in order to be sure. If you can rely on a third party to help you, don't hesitate. It is rather uncommon that our both feet have the same length. Consequently, make a decision based on the measure of the longest feet. Use the table above.