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A slice of France

A slice of France

Discover - or rediscover - the history of Paraboot: grounded in the historical background of the French industry, a human adventure, made possible by the encounters of passionate women and men; a family that linked its destiny to the company's, since now 4 generations.

Safe journey in the heart of a preserved universe, where traditions, daring and innovation blend.

2017 2017

Paraboot turns a page of its history

The two historic factories, in Izeaux and Fures, close down. All business activities have been united, under the brand-new roof of the new factory, in Saint Jean de Moirans.

2015 2015

1945 – 2015: 70 years of Michael, crossing different periods of time, revolts and trends

Without ignoring its roots, the model Michael does evolve with society. It’s timeless and carries the brand’s values with pride, on 5 different continents. Throughout recycling and collaborations, the model has known 70 interesting years, filled with emotions.

2015 2015
2012 2012

The on-going development of the Paraboot network

Paraboot, located in Izeaux, Isère, has become one of the last emblems of “Made in France” and “sewn shoes” in the world of footwear.

2000 2000

The family saga lives on

With the arrival of Marc-Antoine in Production, Paraboot enters its fourth generation.

2000 2000
1988 1988

A new, more urban orientation

The collections are from now on more urban, manufactured according to the age-old rules of shoemakers, using the most noble materials. The positioning was high-end but not luxury. Paraboot also diversified, creating a women’s...

1983 1983

The plebiscite of “the” Michael saves Paraboot from disappearing

Whilst negotiating with the Trade Tribunal, Michel Richard went to Italy in search of more efficient equipment. He sought to understand the methods of his most formidable Italian competitors. In the end, he met...

1983 1983
1980 1980

The dark years

In 1973, aware that he had been focusing on products and contact, rather than on management, taking little interest in profits or financial ratios, Julien called on his son Michel – a graduate with experience in the world of multinationals – to streamline the company that had fallen into the trap of the post-war years.

1970 1970

A new direction – extreme shoes

Skiing was quickly abandoned but other sports were approached, leading to interesting new human encounters: in 1970, Gil Delamare and Colette Duval, fiancés from heaven, were at the origin of...

1970 1970
1960 1960

Mountain passion; the Galibier brand changed… and climbed!

Julien Richard had to find new outlets wherever there was a need for specific, technical shoes. He found what he was looking for in leisure sports activities, which were booming.
The Galibier brand, by then ousted by Paraboot for work shoes, became...

1946 1946

A daring wager – stitching at all costs

Julien, Rémy Richard's son, enters the company in 1937, he is 20 years old.
The Phoney War, followed by the Occupation, obviously slowed down production due to a lack of raw materials.

1946 1946
1927 1927

The Paraboot brand registered

Rémy Richard registered the Paraboot name in 1927, from "Para" – a port in Amazonia, where the latex was exported from, and "boot" – the interesting new shoe he had discovered in the United States. As you can see, it was a far more meaningful decision than simply creating a brand with a trendy English-language-sounding name. And so, the Paraboot technique and style were born!

1926 1926

Rubber becomes the DNA of the Paraboot brand

From Paris to London via Amsterdam, Rémy Richard loved travelling and tradeshows, where he collected plenty of medals.
In 1926, although he didn’t speak a word of English, he set sail for the United States. With an eye for innovation, he noticed...

1926 1926
1910 1910

« Chaussures Extra » takes its first steps

Throughout another agent he had taken under his wing, Rémy met Juliette Pontvert, the daughter of a wealthy notary in the Sarthe region. He married her in 1910, and founded Richard-Pontvert. He provided his knowhow, designs and equipment; she contributed her dowry money as capital. Rémy launched the "Chaussures Extra" brand – and a collection of fine high-end shoes.

1908 1908

The audacity and entrepreneurial spirit of Rémy Richard

It all began in the late nineteenth century in Izeaux, a small village at the foot of the Alps. Rémy-Alexis Richard, born in 1878 into a humble farming family, became a semi-skilled cutter at Chevron, one of a score of shoe factories in this Isère village. These factories...

1908 1908

Relive more than 100 years of history of a family shoe business.

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