Matières premières
08 October 2021 - Posted in Actualités

Aware for many years of leaving a footprint on its ecosystem, Paraboot has decided to take part in the #RRR movement led by the eco-organisation Re_fashion, which has been in place for more than ten years under the name Eco TLC, and to contribute to the success of a transition towards a 100%

Picture - Avoriaz
01 October 2021 - Posted in Histoire

The Avoriaz model: a must-have classic from the archive

Initially developed and produced by the Galibier brand in the 30s, the Avoriaz model was designed as an approach shoe for high altitude mountaineers. With a Norwegian welt, the model is waterproof as well as resoleable.

28 June 2021 - Posted in Actualités

Pacific: a sandal made for walking

The Pacific model was first launched in the fifties. Paraboot developed this model for monks belonging to the Order of Carthusians, whose monastery is located in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse in the heart of the Chartreuse Mountains in the Isère region of France.

Conseils d’entretien
31 May 2021 - Posted in Technique

Shoe care recommendations

Your pair of Paraboot shoes has been conceived with top-notch raw materials by expert craftsmen adept at the know-how necessary to make exceptional shoes. For increased longevity please check out our simple maintenance tips below and adapt them to your own frequency of use.

Guide d’entretien de ses chaussures en 6 étapes
27 March 2020 - Posted in Technique

6-step shoe care guide

Confined or not, it is always important to take care of your shoes. Paraboot offers you a guide to take care of your plain leather shoes.

15 March 2020 - Posted in Actualités


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