Inès Hadj-Hacène x Paraboot
04 March 2022 - Posted in Collabs

To mark International Women's Day on 8th March, the Paraboot brand is delighted to link a female artist to one of its designs. Entitled "Marianne", this line now features for the second year running.

Epreuve de patinage artistique en duo - JO Grenoble 1968
01 February 2022 - Posted in Histoire

Here we are again!

The 10th Winter Olympic Games began in Grenoble on 6th February 1968, broadcast worldwide on colour television for the first time. Alain Calmât lit the Olympic flame after climbing an enormous metal staircase. General De Gaulle declared the Games open, and Jean Claude Killy pulled off the biggest sporting achievement of the Winter Games.

Michael - Usine
25 January 2022 - Posted in Actualités

For sturdy, durable and comfortable shoes

Preserving and passing on our manufacturing expertise, selecting the very best raw materials, nurturing long-standing partnerships and fostering an open and inclusive social environment within our workshops: we have a

Photographie - Arpenteur x Paraboot
09 November 2021 - Posted in Collabs

Paraboot Chukka for Arpenteur

Each year, our thoughts turn to finding common values between two brands to rework an iconic Paraboot product and grant it the right level of subtlety to make it a new, modern piece. This year, our collaboration has resulted in a shoe named Chukka. Here's how it came to life through Arpenteur.

Photography - Walk in Paris x Paraboot
02 November 2021 - Posted in Collabs

Paraboot for Walk in Paris

We were absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Walk In Paris, which has led to a reworking of the Yosemite model. This unusual design is the result of extensive interaction and discussion between the two brands, explains Gary, who initiated the collaboration.

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