Le cousu Goodyear a plus de 150 ans !
19 March 2018 - Posted in Histoire

In 1869, Charles Goodyear Jr. (the son of Charles Goodyear, who had invented the rubber vulcanization process) filed a patent for a welt sewing machine. This technique, which is called "original Goodyear welt", develops from 1875-1876. However, it is often forgotten that in 1862, Auguste Destouy obtained a patent for a machine for sewing a leather sole using a curved needle.

The Aoyama store in Japan relooked and inaugurated
17 September 2018 - Posted in Actualités

The Aoyama store in Japan relooked and inaugurated

The relooked Paraboot store in Aoyama, Japan, opened on August 21, 2018. This is a special store, especially since it was the first Paraboot store in Japan. You will discover a new interior, combining white with aluminum and wenge.

An inauguration evening was organized, a big thank you to all the people who came to greet us!

Stealer pour Paraboot
26 June 2018 - Posted in Collabs

Stealer for Paraboot

This summer, Paraboot is collaborating with Stealer, the premium Korean manufacturer of titanium glasses. According to the versions, the modern glasses take on the brand’s codes, by proposing a round frame and circled solar glasses. Two cases are proposed: one with a fringed strap, the other in leather with the characteristics of Michael.

Le tannage végétal
19 March 2018 - Posted in Technique

Vegetable tanning

Tanning is the technical operation that transforms the skin into leather, rotproof material. In its environmental approach, Paraboot has chosen to develop models composed of vegetable tanned leathers.The technique is ancient: skins immersed in water saturated with plants, are rendered rotproof. If technical and technological advances continue to emerge, this plant technique continues.

L'intérieur de la boutique de Lyon
26 March 2018 - Posted in Actualités

In Seoul, Paraboot opens its first store in South Korea

We are pleased to have opened on 2 June 2018 the first South Korean Paraboot shop in Seoul, in the Hannam district. Hannam district, or Hannam-dong, has quickly become a hot spot hangout for the locals looking for intricately well designed restaurants, cafes and lifestyle shops. Discover the boutique in pictures:

Paraboot pour Arpenteur
19 March 2018 - Posted in Collabs

Paraboot for Arpenteur

Arpenteur was created in Lyon in 2011, by Marc Asseily and Laurent Bourven. The brand offers a modern and unique point of view on men's clothing. Their collections are halfway between respect for tradition and creation, derived from multiple inspirations.