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11 February 2022 - Posted in Histoire

The timeless deck shoe

Inspired by American Indian moccasins, the deck shoe is traditionally constructed using Blake stitching (also known as sewn through).

Epreuve de patinage artistique en duo - JO Grenoble 1968
01 February 2022 - Posted in Histoire

Here we are again!

The 10th Winter Olympic Games began in Grenoble on 6th February 1968, broadcast worldwide on colour television for the first time. Alain Calmât lit the Olympic flame after climbing an enormous metal staircase.

Picture - Avoriaz
01 October 2021 - Posted in Histoire

The Avoriaz model: a must-have classic from the archive

Initially developed and produced by the Galibier brand in the 30s, the Avoriaz model was designed as an approach shoe for high altitude mountaineers. With a Norwegian welt, the model is waterproof as well as resoleable.

Le cousu Goodyear a plus de 150 ans !
19 March 2018 - Posted in Histoire

The Goodyear construction is over 150 years old!

In 1869, Charles Goodyear Jr. (the son of Charles Goodyear, who had invented the rubber vulcanization process) filed a patent for a welt sewing machine. This technique, which is called "original Goodyear welt", develops from 1875-1876. However, it is often forgotten that in 1862, Auguste Destouy obtained a patent for a machine for sewing a leather sole using a curved needle.

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