Paraboot celebrates craftsmanship

Paraboot celebrates craftsmanship
L'artisanat au cœur de Paraboot

Paraboot has been creating leather shoes made by exceptionally skilled artisans since 1908.

Cutters, stitchers and assemblers strive to pass on their techniques to the next generation, perpetuating the art of stitched shoemaking.

That's why, every season for over three years now, Paraboot has been proud to seek out artisans who share their same love for creating refined products, with a view to showcasing the brand's iconic models. The models created through these partnerships set the tone for each season.

An important event in the calendar for Paraboot, whose philosophy is all about craftsmanship. It represents an opportunity to promote age-old skills and expertise, whilst showcasing the new Paraboot collections.

This season, new iconic models can be found gracing the feet of baristas at the Caffè Elena in Turin, truffle growers at Frères Jaumard in the Ventoux or designers at Garcé and Dimofski in Lisbon.

Check out the new designs for : Women & Men 


Paraboot celebrates craftsmanship


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