Paraboot celebrates Marianne

Paraboot celebrates Marianne

As Marianne is the national symbol of France, Paraboot is putting its own Mariannes in the spotlight to mark Bastille Day. The brand has been collaborating with up-and-coming female artists for three years, reinventing an iconic model through an artist's eyes each season.

This "Marianne" line embodies the symbol of liberty; a nod to Paraboot's French expertise, but also a wonderful opportunity to showcase women.

On France's national day, we now bring you a retrospective of our very best collaborations from the "Marianne" line.

The story began in March 2021, when we first met with the artist Johanna Olk. It all began in southern Finistère, where Brittany's black and white flag was echoed in the monochrome designs, alongside a particular feel for objects and materials that embodies Johanna's work. The artist was therefore naturally drawn to reinventing two iconic Paraboot models : Chambord and Michael.

Available in white patent leather with a black sole and laces, this is a more feminine version of the symbolic design.


2022 saw the painter Inès Hadj-Hacène taking an introspective approach to the symbol of Marianne. Like a fusion of art and fashion, her inspiration led her to create the Orsay loafer, a model boasting Paraboot's classic unisex shapes. Reworked in smooth white leather with a black sole, its style is bold and unique, symbolising the artist’s own interpretation of freedom and independence.