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Paraboot Chukka for Arpenteur

Paraboot Chukka for Arpenteur
Photographie - Arpenteur x Paraboot

Each year, our thoughts turn to finding common values between two brands to rework an iconic Paraboot product and grant it the right level of subtlety to make it a new, modern piece. This year, our collaboration has resulted in a shoe named Chukka. Here's how it came to life through Arpenteur.

"We have been wearing the Paraboot Chambord shoe for many years now, so we fully appreciate the subtle balance between smart styling and a rugged appearance. We already had the opportunity to update it with the Cambriole model.

High-ankle versions already exist in the form of Beaulieu and Chamrousse.

It was clear to us that converting the Chambord into a Chukka version – i.e. with a semi-high ankle – would produce an unusual, complementary design that would fit effortlessly with Arpenteur's casual look.

The hardest part of the project entailed redesigning the quarters of the model. The Chambord has a wide front with a fairly high apron. With these specific features in mind, we attempted to resize the quarters and define their angles so they fitted perfectly with the apron of the shoe, extending it evenly.

Our aim was to make the design appear natural, giving the impression that this model has always existed. We hope we have succeeded."

Made from grained leather or suede, we are certain that the versions of the CHUKKA model will bring you comfort as well as a smart look.



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