La nouvelle boutique de Lyon inaugurée
29 October 2018 - Posted in Actualités

On Thursday, October 25, Paraboot inaugurated its new concept in Lyon.
On this occasion, the brand presented to the public rare and exceptional models from the private collection, usually kept at the headquarters.
These pictures take us back to the festive evening:

Le cousu Goodyear a plus de 150 ans !
19 March 2018 - Posted in Histoire

The Goodyear construction is over 150 years old!

In 1869, Charles Goodyear Jr. (the son of Charles Goodyear, who had invented the rubber vulcanization process) filed a patent for a welt sewing machine. This technique, which is called "original Goodyear welt", develops from 1875-1876. However, it is often forgotten that in 1862, Auguste Destouy obtained a patent for a machine for sewing a leather sole using a curved needle.

Paraboot x Barbour x International Gallery Beams
25 September 2019 - Posted in Collabs

Paraboot x Barbour x International Gallery Beams

Paraboot footwear was chosen by Parisians, The French Navy, and the Arctic explorers whom were using Paraboot for their expeditions a long time ago,  last year celebrating Paraboot's 111 years anniversary. Barbour is loved by British loyal family, Gentleman farmers and Musicians celebrating Barbour's 125 years anniversary in business this year.

Paraboot fête ses 111 ans !
23 April 2019 - Posted in Actualités

Paraboot is celebrating its 111 years!

For its 111th birthday, Paraboot has created a capsule collection of 8 models in limited series of 111 copies.
They will be available exclusively in our pop-up store in Paris, at 54 Rue Charlot, from 22 to 26 May 2019, and in our Seoul boutique, from 1 to 9 June 2019.