If you push the door of our workshop of Saint Jean de Moirans, located at the foot of the Alps, you will discover our cutters, stitchers, assemblers, absorbed by their task that requires knowledge, experience and concentration.
With experience, timely and precise, they choose the best leathers, cutting and assembling them…

Durability, comfort, finishing and timeless styling

Our “Goodyear” and “Norwegian” welted shoes, as well as some of our “blake” welted shoes, are all manufactured in Saint Jean de Moirans. No less than 150 manual operations are needed to make them. As many as in 1908, at the initial foundation of the company!

Over the years, our family-owned company has always chosen to retain the most authentic production methods, such as “Norwegian welted” and “Goodyear welted”, to perpetuate the values that established the company’s reputation: durability, comfort, finishing and timeless qualities.

Since 1927, Paraboot manufactures most of its rubber soles, a unique skill. Other “Blake stitched” models, designed by our stylist, can be made in bordering countries in factories with specific knowledge, unfortunately missing in France.

The “made in France”

The name “Paraboot” has an Anglo-Saxon consonance, related to its history (assembly of “Para”, a harbour of Amazonia, from where latex is imported, and “boot”, the shoe which Rémy Richard discovered in the United States), but still remains 100% French.

For more than a century, we have managed to preserve our artisan production methods and to protect this remarkable knowledge. Therefore, Richard Pontvert is proud to attain the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. A mark of recognition of the French state to reward firms for the excellence of their tradional skills.

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At Paraboot our shoe creations evolve out of the use of exceptional materials, detailing that is unique in shoemaking, and the highest respect for the foot.