My Paraboot shoes are made to last

My Paraboot shoes are made to last
Green Friday

Paraboot shoes have been hand-made in the company's workshops at Saint Jean de Moirans since 1908.

Robust, stylish and authentic, they are made from premium leathers using age-old stitching techniques (Norwegian and Goodyear welts). These manufacturing processes guarantee the designs are fully waterproof, durable and repairable.

As we move into the festive period, the brand would like to emphasise the fact that each pair of Paraboot shoes is made to last.

We recommend maintaining your shoes and keeping them clean as soon as you start wearing them, as this will extend their lifespan season after season. With this in mind, Paraboot brings you cleaning tips and cleaning products tailored to each type of leather. 

What's more, we have provided a shoe repair service via our Paraboot cobblers for over 50 years (at the company headquarters) or via specially selected, highly skilled and approved cobblers.



Repairing shoes is a skill that requires various precise steps. This article sets out the 5 main steps to extend the lifespan of your shoes through resoling:

First of all, worn elements need to be removed so they can be replaced.

1. Pull off the sole :

Soles often need replacing, as they are subjected to extreme wear and tear on a daily basis. This is a delicate stage as other elements such as the midsole, welt, insole and insole rib may need to be retained if they are still in good condition.



2. Dismantle the shoe :

Next, dismantle the shoe to repair or replace any worn or damaged parts. If the shoe is badly worn, it is possible to retain the upper only and replace the entire sole, i.e. the welt and insole (along with its rib). This can only be achieved if the shoes have been well looked after.

Next, repairs or replacements are carried out on leather parts, soles and stitching.


​​3. Apply the welt :

The shoe is re-assembled by applying a new welt, either using Norwegian or Goodyear stitching.




4. Apply the new sole :

This stage is important, as it restores the original appearance of your shoes with a Paraboot rubber sole made in our workshops.