Paraboot & Engineered Garments

Paraboot & Engineered Garments
Collaboration EG

Every season, Paraboot opens up its design studio to work with renowned designers from all over the world.

An amazing opportunity to revisit the brand's expertise through a new artistic perspective.

This season, Paraboot is collaborating with the Engineered Garments brand for the second year in a row. The brand was founded in New York in 1999 by Daiki Suzuki, who took his inspiration from several years spent working as a buyer for Nepenthes stores.

Having reworked the classic Michael shoe last year, Daiki Suzuki and the Paraboot teams have now set their sights on the Clusaz model.


Here's what the designer had to say about the background to this collaboration:

"The Avoriaz model is inspired by the Galibier brand's iconic mountain boot, which is also rooted in Paraboot's history. What's more, the low-top version is called Clusaz. The distinctive wraparound detail layered over the instep personally reminds me of the boots I wore for mountaineering. As we really wanted to showcase this D-ring lacing system, we included a total of six D-rings, arranged with three on each side but in a staggered layout so that the laces form an intentionally complex design. If the wearer is particularly creative, they can use two sets of laces or thread the laces in a different way to create their own look. With a Norwegian zig-zag welt and notched sole, both of which form part of the Paraboot DNA and also feature on the Galibier mountain boots, this model combines a sophisticated look that goes beyond casual styling and can be teamed with smarter outfits."

This limited edition collaboration is only available in some Paraboot stores and online at


                      Clusaz EG - Velours noir                                                  Clusaz EG - Velours green

Paraboot - Engineered Garments


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